Tuesday, March 15, 2011



Soup2Nuts: Listen Inn Production Assistant                                  January 2011-Present 
General office duties 
Organization of the paperwork for audio book records 

Suffolk University Telecom Operator                                          June 2008 - Present
General knowledge of all departments within the University 
Directing calls to their proper location 
General customer service

Godine Family Gallery Curator                                                          June 2007- June 2008
Scheduling and organization of artists
Gallery maintenance 
Artist relations and support 
Budget coordination 

Massachusetts College of Art and Design Resident Assistant         June 2006 - June 2007
General policy enforcement 
Confronts inappropriate behavior in an objective, consistent and respectful manner providing rationale for policies
Coordination of general community building activities 
Completes duty rounds and/or desk duty of the building to promote the safety and security of the community as assigned

Massachusetts College of Art and Design                                      September 2008 - Present  
Communication and Design specializing in Animation
Massachusetts College of Art and Design                                      September 2005- June 2009
Studios for Interrelated Media 

Within my experiences at Mass College of Art and Design both academically and professionally as a resident assistant I have gained the skills to work and organize within a community. I have also learned event planning and organization on both a small and large scale. I often worked counseling residents about their academic pursuits as well as enforcing policy tactfully and respectfully. I have many years experience with customer service and consider myself computer competent.  

Community Service 
Boston Breaking the Cycle: Fundraiser volunteer/photographer 

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